Short Stories and Poems

What is a poem? Is it supposed to rhyme? Does it have to be about love or death? Are verses poems with humour built-in? As with many things I remain in the dark about what’s really going on. Still, while they continue to pop into my head I’ll keep scribbling them down!

It’s raining in Scotland

Voices on the inside

Mr Shredder

The life and death of a coffee bean

A Thousand Stars

In the fading light of the blue bell knoll

“World’s apart, closer than I’ve ever been to you …”

Songs of the Whales

Song of the Whales (pdf)

How he was after

A short story about a man coming to terms with loss who finds comfort in an unexpected place.

The sky was beginning to fade. This was one part of the day that he felt most keenly. He watched the sky, staring into it, feeling the colour drain away. The kettle whistled and clicked off, steaming up the window for a few moments. As the steam cleared he could see that the sky had grown darker, no longer blue, now it was closer to black.

Devil in you

It had started off innocently enough. I’d checked my Facebook and there it was. A post with a list of questions. You were to answer them honestly and send it on to another four nominated people. A complete waste of time, I’d thought, but that hadn’t stopped me from reading what had already been written. I stopped reading at question four, logged out of Facebook and switched off my phone.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?


Some stories lead you on a merry dance. They start off by saying “Let’s have a bit of fun, come on” but then they show you into the woods and you wonder where the hell you’re going as the light fades and the shadows lengthen. I didn’t know where this was taking me. All I did was follow the trail of bread crumbs not knowing that they’d been left by those pesky spiders.


Inspired by the islands area in Inverness, a local beauty spot that is in no way sinister or the lair of an occasional monster. The river that runs through the islands is the River Ness however, which runs down from the loch of the same name.


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