Voices on the inside

I’m not alone

Inside my head

In a babble of voices

Whispers Alfred

His quiet drone delivers

Lines with great meaning

Your life is reflected

In the eyes of dream beings

To strange looks on the train

I ask please explain

Exodus! Miracle!

A free seat pertained

Alfred dropped by

On the twelfth of July

As I waited in line

For the umpteenth time

I answered his question

Have you bathed in your aura?

The post office emptied

Faces full of horror

Alfred’s on vacation

Thelma’s moved in

She’s a gloomy dark rapper

Who loves Gunga Din

She likes to chant

Little black flowers in the sky

I’d join in but fear

Disapproving mad eyes

I dread those long days

When all has gone quiet

What are they doing?

Road-mapping a riot?

Silence is the maddening music of fear

Shot through with smoke trails

Of extinguishing years

Alfred has entered my bones and my throat

Their silence has broken

They’re building a boat!

This is not a boat

It’s a space ship


We’re ready for lift-off

Now countdown from ten

We’re terribly sorry

To be such a pain

But our launch path

Is straight through the middle of your brain

That’s not all

We need a blow-hole

In your skull

So be a dear won’t you

Find a sharp saw

Pain is humanity’s admission to heaven

Silence remind of future transgressions

With that they were gone

Tranquillity reins

If needs be

I still get a seat on the train