Super Sad Silverback Seeks Love

He was built like a silverback gorilla

Knuckles all scuffed from the floor

He could bench press a family hatch back

A big one

With doors more than four

But the weight that had settled inside him

Was the one that he just couldn’t shift

So he’d chow down on anti-depressants

Talk the ears of his psychiatrist

He’d tried everything that he could think of

He had mindfulness colour books galore

But the cute furry faces he shaded

Screamed back as they snarled, bit and roared

With his biceps awash with testosterone

He was happy to raise up the bar

But the black dogs that hung from his heart strings

Drowned his dreams in a sticky thick tar

Then you appeared on his horizon

A chip of a slip of a girl

A gust could have sent you off skywards

Barely lifting a Viennese Twirl

Your smile sluiced his heart of the dog hairs

Your comet careered through his sky

You could lift him and his huge hatch back

With one brilliant wink of an eye

So wow what a lovely couple

Silverback and his darling new beau

Her fireworks now lit up his darkness

For love lifts the weight from us all

These words were written in March 2017

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