The life and death of a coffee bean

Afternoon clocks tick-tock-ticking

I ache for my fix of caffeine

I feed in my precious gold offerings

To the mystical coffee machine

I stare at its awesome magnificence

As it churns as it whirls as it steams

My minds wanders

From budgie cage confines

To ponder just what it all means

I think of the bean and its journey

Amazing sights it must have seen

The sun on its face with its family

The laughter and joy

Pure and keen

That was before being stolen

Sack tied and thrown on a boat

Trussed up with thousands of strangers

Shoved rubbed squashed up and groped

We’re heading for heaven one bean said

We’re aboard God’s Ark not a boat

Her bean dreams were turning to nightmares

Where she was ground down

And sucked into throats

She became so sad and so lonely

Despite the celestial theme

She missed her Ma, Pa and her Granny

Does anyone care for one bean?

We do

We’re crazy for bean juice

Its liquid gold

Straight to the heart

I’ll slave night and day to possess you

I sell my own Granny and cat

Our bean is unloaded at dockside

She’s boxed up and labelled and bagged

Then driven off into the unknown

While dreaming of her Mum and Dad

The boss bean is barking the orders

Boiling water will make you all clean

You’re about to begin your great journey

God’s face is revealed in the steam

For that is your essence emerging

Your soul wafting skywards

You’ll see

You’re about to make bean history

Our great work will set you all free

Our girl took a deep breath

To stay strong

Skeltered downwards into the machine

She took one last look skywards

The grinder sang out

Cruel and mean

Her Ma back at home

Felt a belly ache

The sky had received a new star

Outside the machine I stood waiting

Thinking about where you all are

If murderous thoughts cloud your judgement

As you’re running too low on caffeine

The meeting room walls move in closer

You bite down to stifle your screams

You wonder about prison coffee

Could the hard stuff be smuggled unseen?

Step away from the bean need immediately

Time’s come

You’re switching to tea

These words were written in March 2017

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