In the fading light of the blue bell knoll

In the fading light

Of the blue bell knoll

Shadows sway

Whispered winds

Blew your love my way

Then stole it away

Silver trees wait silent

Canopies across the years

The space between days

Here and gone

Shadows conceal

A ravenous chasm


Close beating hearts

To surrender to the pit

Another day perhaps

Not now

* Let’s soar across the silent skies

Scream sorrows at the icy stars

Glimpse God’s face

Not revealed

To Earth bound eyes

Hidden there

Beyond plain sight

Within the fading light

Of the blue bell knoll

Inspired by listening to Cocteau Twins – Blue Bell Knoll. Thank you Cocteau Twins!

These words were written between 19.15 and 19.45 on 14th March 2017

(*2.22) If reading along with the music then this line could be read at 2:22 of video

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