The Loser’s Guide to Writing #2 Stealing From the Successful

Who are they, these modern day alchemists that can beam their thought waves into your head and persuade you to hand over your hard earned cash to them?


In days of Yore such powers may well have had you branded a witch, wizard, warlock or just plain weird. As such you may have been pursued, captured, publicly displayed and had your private details discussed at great lengths by all and sundry.

Thank the stars we now live in more enlightened times!


Well, according to the article linked below (out of date certainly but so am I) the top six authors by sales are;

  • J.K. Rowling
  • Jamie Oliver
  • James Paterson
  • Terry Pratchett
  • Jacqueline Wilson
  • Dan Brown

The top 50 biggest-selling authors of all time

I’m going to remove Jamie Oliver for two reasons;

  1. He doesn’t need any more exposure
  2. Cook books are mostly pictures and recipes, so not really writing

Let’s do a deep dive analysis on the remaining five. Initial observations reveal;

  1. There are two woman and three men in the list of five – interesting!
  2. All of them write in English

I really feel like I’m getting to the nub of the matter here.

With just a little scratching around the fossils of success are already revealing themselves!

I’m adding those two key elements to the List of Success List

Meanwhile, I’ll keep digging and brushing with my tiny, fossil revealing toothbrush.

The wonderful vista of truth is just out of sight on that distant horizon.


Let’s hope that once revealed it is a vision of beauty and not an ancient trickster with a scary face!


Thanks for reading!

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