The Loser’s Guide to Writing #1 Where to begin?

At the begining?

Once upon a time?

In a galaxy, far, far away?

The longest journey starts with the first step.

Just pick up your pen and write the first word.

Close your eyes, imagine, channel.

beginningMmm. Or stare at the evil blank page / screen until something just pops up. Like an email from a giant online retailer recommending you purchase a How to Write a Bestseller book.

How do they even know what I’m thinking? Is that magic. Or is it a sign?

There, I’m distracted already. I already have shelves full of writing manuals, how to do this, that and the next thing but here am I, bookless and unloved by readers everywhere.

Of course I’ve tried before. It didn’t work. I’d not be sitting here typing this now if it had. I’d be somewhere warm. With a view. And a smug sense of self satisfaction that I’d turned the inside of my imagination into solid, real, gold. Gold that you can tie around your neck or dangle from your earlobes. Shiny. Sparkly.

However, in the words of that great Scottish King, Robert the Bruce

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again

Of course, if you end up hiding out in a cave, talking to spiders then it may be that the only way is up.


Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that!

And so. To the beginning but this time I’m going to do it right. Yes! that’s the spirit.

Where do you start. Is it with a story idea? Surely not!

Do you just write until something magical happens? Never!

How do other, excuse me, REAL, writers do it.

Aha. The next chapter of my Loser’s Guide.

Stealing Inspiration From the Successful

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