Songs of the Whales

Why are whales washing up on New Zealand beaches?
I love whales. Not literally and not in a weird way but the thought of them out there moving their huge bulk around the seas of the world is kind of calming and reassuring. Of course, if I came face to face with one I’d swim a mile … As for the beaching, I wondered if there was anything that could be done. I’m still wondering and while wondering I came up with a few words which I’m dedicating to whales …

Why are all these whales ending up on the beach?

Has their satellite signal moved just out of reach?

Or is something else looming out there in the deep?

A new boss submerged who is cracking the whip

The big guys are not happy

Too old for new tricks

Change isn’t so easy

When the size of a ship

Or are they psychic submariners

The seers of the sea

Who have seen what is coming

Decided to flee

Only to be captured

Hurled onto the land

By a mega sea monster

With massive cruel hands

We hear that they sing

The most amazing of songs

Of love unrequited

Of eons forlorn

How long do you wait

For your fate to swim by

When the sea is your moon

Your sun and your sky?

If love is the ocean

Sorrow the deep

Happiness the tides

Where does that leave me?

Controlled by the moon

Of all things to be

A lost lunar loon

Who howls at the sea?

As for gargantuan

Craggy kings of the deep

Have they learnt how to fly?

In a bid to break free

On arriving at heaven

Are told it is full

So jettisoned their bodies

What else could they do?

Slip through the pearl gates

Take their place with the stars

Watch the little blue planet

So near yet so far

Now the skies are abuzz

Echoing the sound

Of the songs of the whales

While dropping earth bound

Their bodies of old

Majestic mystique

Splashing into the sea

Crashing onto the beach

If you look skyward

And shadows grow deep

Step out of the path

Lest you take the big sleep

That’s no way to go

Jellied into the ground

By ex-heaven whale bones

Careering down

Spare a thought

For the whales

In their celestial home

As they splash down their tails

Thunder claps roar

As they pine for the sea

And ache like lost souls

Loose a deluge of tears

On us still below

Songs of the Whales