Day 3 – Very, Very Old

Progress report Project: Lego bat mobile Undercarriage and two wheels in place. I think little sister has eaten an axle. Time will tell. This is harder than it looks. I hate having to ask Mum to help me as she doesn’t follow the instructions properly but I don’t understand some of what’s going on and […]

#2 The Starcatcher Arms

A dim wash of lamplight shaded the back room of the Starcatcher’s Arms. Groups of shadowed figures huddled round tables, their voices sending out a low burble of sound which was too quiet to understand but too loud to ignore. “The boy is a warlock. It runs in his family. Just look at his grandmother. […]

#1 Morag

1 Morag stopped at the bottom of the path. She struggled to catch her breath. Her bones ached in the biting cold. Her feet rubbed against her boots and she could feel the blisters beginning to burn. She closed her eyes and tried to empty her mind of all of the thoughts that were trying […]

It’s raining in Scotland

It’s raining in Scotland It must be a Monday The dour dripping bus stop The drowning of sunrays Dreams of space travel On hold once again The bus arrives heaving Sweaty sheep in a pen It’s raining in Scotland It must be a Tuesday Rain’s joined by her sister The unhinged one Windy She’s snapped […]

Voices on the inside

I’m not alone Inside my head In a babble of voices Whispers Alfred His quiet drone delivers Lines with great meaning Your life is reflected In the eyes of dream beings To strange looks on the train I ask please explain Exodus! Miracle! A free seat pertained Alfred dropped by On the twelfth of July […]

Super Sad Silverback Seeks Love

He was built like a silverback gorilla Knuckles all scuffed from the floor He could bench press a family hatch back A big one With doors more than four But the weight that had settled inside him Was the one that he just couldn’t shift So he’d chow down on anti-depressants Talk the ears of […]

Mr Shredder

Mr Shredder frightens me Kidding on he’s not hungry I bring him scraps Of scribbled notes Slideshows, spreadsheets, expired quotes He mashes, slices, dices, swallows He wants our blood Today tomorrow That’s his great quest To tempt us in I’ll not bite you Scratch my chin Do not listen! Guard your brainwaves No fingers leads […]